3 D   M O D E L I N G

There is no doubt that the quality of a 3D as-built model of any construction starts with a good scanning equipment, but, on the other hand, without a well informed and experienced modeling team you won't get the information you need from the scans. We have a project manager eager to discuss and settle the level of development and information that you need from the scans you have.

LOD 300 Revit model and MEP modeling (12000 sqm)
LOD 200 Revit model, focus on piping and mechanical equipment
3D model of sewage tank
LOD 300 As-built (2400sqm)
LOD 300 residential complex (12000sqm)
LOD 300 theatre and events building (1800sqm)
LOD 300 As-built (1900sqm)
LOD 300 residential building (5000sqm)
LOD 300 family house with attic and roof
Complete 3D roof timber structure
3D modeling of concrete structural elements and 3D topographical plan around the building