Laser scanning is now used in many ways, most of our clients already know about the speed and the huge amount of information that you get from this type of surveying. Whether is an office, residential building or a factory we can provide a RGB pointcloud togheter with 360 degrees images (13mgpx) for a better visualization of your project.

We also offer building thermography, which is needed to verify energy performance of a construction in any stages.

Deliverables formats: .rcp, .rcs, .blk, .e57 (or others)

40sqm office scanned in a few minutes for renovation purpose using Leica BLK 360.

Laser scanning needed for a 3D as built model of a structural wood factory. We used Cyclone for registering the data toghther. The client was interested to see the free spaces and the area that machines occupy in order to bring new equipment to the factory.

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